Su Muon Pagoda 5km from Duong Dong Town - Daisy Resort

Su Muon Pagoda 5km from Duong Dong Town - Daisy Resort

Hung Long Tu Pagoda was built by a well known monk named Nguyen Kim Muon (1892-1946). Located five kilometers from Duong Dong Town, this pagoda is located in a tranquil and peaceful setting, built on a rocky outcrop, the grounds contain an ornate statue of Buddha.

Su Muon Pagoda

The Su Muon Pagoda (also known as Chua Su Muon and Hung Long Tu Pagoda) is a renowned religious siet at Phu Quoc Island.  Perched on top of a hill, it was founded in 1932 by  Nguyen Kim Muon, a well-respected accountant turned monk.

When visiting this site you will see a lot of colorful religious relics.  In the main hall there is a giant Buddha statue.  There is also a fat and playful Buddha statues as well.  The main hall is built on 3 meter thick stone and the statue of Buddha is worshiped inside. To get to the main hall, visitors must climb up over 60 stone steps.  This place is worth a visit for its ambiance and the mountain scenery.  The panoramic views of the island are spectacular here.

How to get there

The road leading to the Su Muon Pagoda is about 4kms east of Duong Dong Town on the way to Ham Ninh Village.  Once you have arrived at this road, you need to travel another 1km uphill to reach the parking area.  There is no fee to visit this site.

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