Daisy Spa


Imagine a world where personal well-being is the only thing that matters. A world of soothing sounds, invigorating aromas and relaxing touches. A sanctuary where serenity meets luxury and time stands still.
Our intimate, Spa has been created to ensure that every detail provides you with an unparalleled experience.
We have combined the best techniques and products with skilled professionals providing exclusive services to usher you into a level of relaxation and vitality beyond imagination.
Lose yourself in a number of our signature treatments or perhaps a package, specially designed to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

  Time Price
Vietnamese Massage 60 minutes 25 usd
Swedish Massage 60 minutes 30 usd
Thai Massage 60 minutes 30 usd
Hot stone Massage 75 minutes 30 usd
Special Body Massage 90 minutes 30 usd
  Time Price
Lavender sugar scrub 45 minutes 20 usd
Cleaninng the skin with sugar and jasmine 45 minutes 20 usd
Vietnamese salt green tea scrub 45 minutes 20 usd
Coconut salt scrub 45 minutes 20 usd


  Time Price
Potato wrap 45 minutes 25 usd
Banana wrap 45 minutes 25 usd
Papaya clean and smooth skin 45 minutes 25 usd
Phu Quoc sunburn wrap 45 minutes 25 usd



  Time Price
Natural facial cleansers 60 minutes 30 usd
Clean white leather mask 60 minutes 30 usd
Mask anti aging skin 60 minutes 30 usd
  Time Price
Foot reflexology 45 minutes 20 usd
Luxury foot care with herbal 30 minutes 15 usd
Full leg massage 30 minutes 15 usd
Indian head and neck massage 30 minutes 15 usd
Melt belly fat massage 30 minutes 15 usd
Back massage  30 minutes 15 usd
Manicure 30 minutes  9 usd
Pedicure 30 minutes  9 usd


  Time Price
Create new sensations 105 minutes 45 usd
  1. Foot reflexology
  2. Melt belly fat message
  3. India head & neck massage
  Time Price
Relax with herbal 150 minutes 50 usd
  1. Vietnamese green tea scrub
  2. Papaya clean up and smooth skin
  3. Luxury foot care
  Time Price
For dynamic new day 180 minutes 75 usd
  1. Vietnamese massage
  2. Foot reflexology
  3. Cleaning the skin with sugar and jasmine
  4. Banana wrap
  Time Price
Relaxing Paradise 240 minutes 85 usd
  1. Swedish massage
  2. Lavender sugar scrub
  3. Potato wrap
  4. Mask anti aging skin
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