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Daisies – Restaurant Daisy

DAISY GREEN, London - Marylebone - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

Daisies is a good place to take a client that is visiting from out of town. If you’re looking for a place that won’t make you feel too sophisticated, this is the place for you. However, be aware that it is not a place for a high-class business lunch. Daisies isn’t for the sophisticated diner, so make sure you’re aware of what to expect.


The TEQUILA DAISY COCKTAIL at Restaurant Daisy is the pre-cursor to the Margarita cocktail, which is named for the drink’s name in Spanish. A Daisy, or margarita, is a cocktail made with fresh citrus, liqueur, and base spirit. The name was popularized by newspaper man James Graham, who was from Iowa, but never said what was in Madden’s Daisy.

The cocktail is a combination of gin, triple sec, and orange curacao, and topped with soda. In the late nineteenth century, this was a common combination. It was also known as a brandy or gin daisy, and was most likely served in the southwestern United States. Today, it is most likely the original cocktail to have originated in Mexico or southwestern U.S. Unlike the margarita, the Daisy is a drink that is both sweet and sour.

Taking advantage of its waterfront location, Tequila Daisy takes full advantage of its waterfront location. Picnic tables in the shade of yellow umbrellas encircle the terrace restaurant, while an oversized, long bar dominates the interior. The menu at Tequila Daisy is focused on mezcal and tequila, with more than a hundred bottles by the glass to choose from. The drink is named after the Tequila Daisy cocktail, and there is a wide variety of wines, beer, and cocktails available to accompany the cocktails.

While you’re in the area, a buzzy Mexican eatery has recently opened at Barangaroo. It has a lively atmosphere, and an extensive list of tequilas, mezcals, and margaritas. The Mexican-inspired menu has plenty of vegetarian options, as well as lighter, meatier dishes paired with tortillas. There’s even a tequila cocktail for the ‘booze lovers’!

Cafe Daisy

Café Daisy Restaurant is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They serve organic food and their drinks take inspiration from a variety of spirits. Their food menu is varied, ranging from sandwiches to full dinners. Reservations are accepted and takeaways are available. Their menu is categorized by season. For your convenience, they have takeaways as well. For more information, visit their website. This restaurant is located at Jernbanegade 10.

The Paper Daisy combines classics and modern creations. It offers a Matcha Fizz, which combines gin, lemongrass, shochu, and egg white. You can also try the Tijuana Petting Zoo cocktail, which combines tequila, tajin, and grapefruit. The Paper Daisy is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and serves food and drinks for the day.