Enjoy your own time in Thom Beach ( Jul, 2022)

Thom Beach Phu Quoc

No longer remote, no longer restricted, no longer a challenge to get to via motorbike or even by bicycle, and no longer a mystery… it is time for you to visit Thom Beach (Bai Thom)


Enjoy your own time in Thom Beach ( Jul, 2022)

Bai Thom Beach & Village

No longer remote, no longer restricted, no longer a challenge to get to via motorbike or even by bicycle, and no longer a mystery… it is time for you to visit Thom Beach (Bai Thom)

Thom Beach View

Thom Beach Shoreline

Thom Beach is located in Thom Village (Bai Thom Village) which is approximately 35kms from Duong Dong Town and in the vicinity of the most lush, dense, and diverse region of the Phu Quoc National Forest. The road from Duong Dong Town to the village is well paved and it is probably the most enjoyable motorbike road trip in all of Phu Quoc Island.  The beach is only 1.5kms in length and not as picturesque as the other beaches found here on Phu Quoc but Thom Beach does have its own charm.


Bai Thom village was once a restricted military zone due to its proximity to Cambodia as both of these countries were essentially at war with each other, but those days are long gone.  Thom Village is now a peaceful place and its inhabitants are mainly fishermen and their families.  The village is slowly preparing itself for mass tourism as the entire village will be redeveloped by 2020 into a eco-tourism hub.


We here at classify Thom Beach as a semi wild beach as the beach here is still primitive and the landscape seems to have remained relatively untouched.   From the beach you can see Cambodia’s Rabbit Island, Kampot Province, and Kep. The vegetation around the beach consists of mainly poplar trees with a few scattered coconut palm trees.  The beach, as well as the shoreline, is riddled with various types of different rocks.  Some of the rocks appear to be of the volcanic type that have small sea snails living on top of them. The sand here at Thom Beach is granular in nature and the color of the sand resembles salt and pepper.  Certain sections of the beach are nicer than others.


The sea at Thom Beach is very shallow and tidal in nature. At low tide, the water recedes leaving behind it a boundless sandy beach with a lot of tidal animals (e.g. crabs, crustaceans, etc). At low tide it is possible to walk across to nearby Mot Island which is only meters away from the coast.  When the tides rise very little of the beach remains.  The slope into the ocean is low making it easy to enter and exit it however the ocean floor consists of rocks and coral debris so you need to be careful where you plant your feet. The water clarity varies depending on the season and the sea here can be quite quite rough at times, especially during the wet season.


While swimming at Thom Beach you have to be aware of sea urchins (year round) and jellyfish (seasonal).  There is also coral present at shallow depths.  If you venture off to the forest nearby you may see silver langurs, macaques, wild boars, flying squirrels and deer.


Close to shore resides a small island known as Mot Island (Hon Mot).  Mot Island is connected to Thom Beach at low tide and can be reached by foot by walking across a narrow bridge made out of rock.  During high tide, you can only access the island by boat or for the adventurous, you can just swim there.  Some tour operators stop off at Mot Island as part of their “North Island” adventure tour where tourists can explore the small island and take pictures of the Cambodian coast.  There isn’t much to do on the island itself apart from exploring the flora and fauna, especially the tidal creatures such as crabs.


  • Watch the sunset and sunrise: Watching the sunrise at Thom Beach is quite magical as the sun rises from behind Cambodia.  Thom Beach is also a great place to watch the sunset, as the entire sky light up providing you with spectacular light show.
  • Visit Phu Quoc Crocodile Farm: The Phú Hải crocodile farm is located in Đá Chồng in Bãi Thơm and it provides you with an overview of how crocodiles are farmed. Here you will find approximately 2,500 crocodiles which are raised and sold for their meat and skin.You can tour the hatchery, the processing plant, and see the adult crocodiles in their pens.   Vietnam has two species of crocodiles – the salt-water crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) and the fresh-water Siamese crocodile (C siamensis) – both of which have been hunted for illegal export to China, Thailand and other countries.  Farming is a sustainable way to meet overseas demands and to prevent poaching of wild animals.
  • Visit the cashew nut plantation: North of Thom Beach you will find a lot of cashew nut plantations which you can visit.


There are a few activities that you can do at Thom Beach.  You can rent a boat and cruise along the shoreline, fish off the boat, and also visit Mot Island.  If you catch a fish (or squid) you can have one of the restaurants cook them for you for a small fee. You can also snorkel in the waters off Thom Beach as there are a few hard corals in the area.  If you do not have your own snorkel and mask with you, you can rent one for the day for 50,000VND at Cay Vong Nem Resort.  If you are seafood lover, you can forage off the land and sea and collect sea urchins, sea snails, small crabs, conch, and some clams and have yourself a nice shore lunch.


Enjoy your own time in Thom Beach ( Jul, 2022)

There are a few beach front restaurants that serve a variety of seafood dishes and traditional Vietnamese dishes.  The portions are quite large and the price varies.  In Thom Village there are also numerous small local eateries serving pho bo, com, etc.

  • Name: Hang Duong Quan Seafood Restaurant
    Tel: 01239788058
    Location: Thom Beach
  • Name:  Cay Vong Nem Resort and Seafood Restaurant
    Tel: 0912425957 | 0939045657
    Location: Thom Beach


Getting to Thom Beach is quite easy as the roads are all paved.  From Duong Dong Town cross over the main bridge and head to “Bai Thom”. You will pass by a few pepper plantations as well as the Phu Quoc dog racing track, both of which can be a great place for a break.  It will take you about 40-50minutes to get to Thom Beach from Doung Dong town providing that you do not stop along the way, but given the amazing scenery in the north, expect to stop numerous times.  The scenery around Thom Village is incredible and the ride up is one of the most picturesque on the island.  Just before arriving at Thom Village you will pass by Mt. Chua, which is the islands highest mountain at 603m.


As of 2014 there is only one small pharmacy in Thom Village and there are no hospitals nor any ATM/Banks in town so please bring some money with you.  Mosquitoes can be a problem here during the wet season so please pack insect repellant.  If you plan on snorkeling, we advise that you wear water booties or snorkel fins as the sea bed has a lot of sea urchins.

The Best Undeveloped Beaches on Phu Quoc

The biggest undeveloped beach on Phu Quoc is Bai Thom. It is not suitable for swimming, but is a great place to take photos of the fishermen’s lives. It is also easily accessible by car through the East Coast Road, which runs south to Ham Ninh. THOM BEACH PHU QUOC

Ong Lang beach is surrounded by a landfill

In 2008, ABC News dubbed Phu Quoc Island as the cleanest and most beautiful island in the world. But things have changed since then. Today, Phu Quoc is notorious for its over-pollution and landfills. As a result, the island’s beaches are now littered with garbage. The island is home to the world’s first landfill where tourism is being run. In addition, there are many issues with the tourism infrastructure and the waste management.

There are several options for beach activities in Thom Beach. The main beach is Ong Lang, which is located on the west side of the island. It is lined with rocks and has a narrow sandy strip, which is less crowded than other beaches in the area. It is a great place for snorkeling and swimming, but the infrastructure of the beach is very limited.

Dragon Beach is the most beautiful untouched beach left in Phu Quoc

Located about 1 km north of the starfish beach is the beautiful Dragon Beach. The sand is thin and the water is shallow, making it ideal for swimming and camping. It also has the appearance of many starfish. Unlike the more popular Rach Vem beach, Ham Rong is a true starfish kingdom, if not prettier. There are also many rock formations and caves here.

The secluded Dragon Beach is a popular destination for couples. The beach is 500 meters long and has an arch-shaped shape. The sand is coarse and golden, and corals can be found under the water. This island has a quaint little village where you can buy beach gear and snacks. Dragon Beach is a hidden gem! It’s definitely worth visiting.

Suoi Tranh and Suoi Da Ban are the best waterfalls in Phu Quoc

Locals and tourists alike flock to this area to see the beautiful waterfalls and explore the trails leading to them. There are also natural pools and trails to explore. Locals enjoy hiking and cycling along the waterfall trails to enjoy the natural scenery. These are just a few reasons why you should visit Thom Beach Phu Quoc.

The Suoi Tranh Waterfall is located in the lush forests in the nearby Suoi Tranh. The waterfall is only about 300 meters from its source. It is not large, but has low rapids. It flows along rocks and makes soft white waterfalls. You should plan a visit during peak season. There is also a nearby camping site.

Ganh Dau town is walking distance from the resorts

THOM BEACH PHU QUAC is a small, quaint fishing village located just a short walk from the town of Ganh Dau. This quiet, crescent-shaped beach is surrounded by a forest of tropical palm trees and boasts clean, crystal water. While the town itself is rather unassuming, you can expect to find many friendly locals, great seafood, and an interesting market. The town is also dotted with small resorts, many of which are prone to flooding due to their proximity to the waves.

The only hotel located on the southern part of the bay is the Premier Residences. There are also a couple of other high-end resorts under construction. One of these is the Marriott Emerald Bay, which is a luxury concept resort built around a fictional university. The rest of the beach is a construction site with more boutique hotels. The area is very tranquil and you will not have to worry about disturbing the local wildlife as you hike and fish.

Ong Lang beach is praised as a tourism village

Though less famous than Starfish Beach and Khem Beach, Ong Lang is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in Phu Quoc. Known for its calm and waveless waters, it is also a perfect location for snorkeling and diving. The calm waters of this beach are perfect for swimming and exploring the colorful corals and shells. Locals here are happy to assist you with the activity and provide information.

A visit to Ong Lang beach will let you experience the primitive beauty of the island and its serene landscape. The beach is located about 6 kilometers south of the small town of Duong Dong. The sand is a mix of sand and rocks, which gives it a twinkling appearance when the sun shines. This beautiful beach is an excellent spot for watching the sunset.

Ong Lang beach is surrounded by a shrine

Located on the western coast of Phu Quoc, Ong Lang beach is less crowded than other beaches in the area. With its turquoise water and yellow sand, it’s perfect for a family beach day. The beach is also ideal for outdoor team building activities. In addition, it’s surrounded by a shrine. Visitors are welcome to visit the shrine and take a few moments to meditate and reflect.

Ong Lang beach is a popular swimming and diving spot. There is a small shrine and a nearby resort. Visitors can stroll the long beach, or rent beach equipment at one of the local beach shops. You can also enjoy a beach picnic here. For a memorable experience, bring a picnic lunch. There are also basic BBQ facilities nearby, which make Forng Lang a perfect spot for an unforgettable day.

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